10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Love ones


10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Love ones


Love, the imperfect emotion, which makes us perfect in ways which no one can imagine. Life is all about highs and lows and having strengths flawed in many ways.

But one thing, which keeps us going in this LIFE, is LOVE! Love is all about accepting each other especially each other’s flaws and giving each other the most beautiful things, strengths and emotions which we have.

Love is celebrating each day, with your loved ones, and supporting them for life. Love doesn’t need a tag, a name, a date, or time. It just happens, and keeps on blooming within us, and as it grows, the plant of relationship bears flowers of respect, harmony, and unbeatable happiness.

Isn’t it funny, that even though it doesn’t need a date, we still celebrate love through various occasions. Especially, through anniversaries of first meetings, or first proposals, or by celebrating the birthday of your special ones and thanking God for them as your partner.


But, on top of all these, Valentine’s week remains the ultimate celebration for every couple in the whole world. The week of Love, as many terms it is the week where every aspect of love is cherished, where love is given regarding gifts, no matter what the gift is till it is given to you by someone very special.

Valentine’s week is just around the corner, and so is Valentine’s day, and if you have not decided yet, don’t worry. We are here for your rescue. A gift can be anything. As John Patrick once said that there are many ways to say I love you, especially words spoken out care, so are the ways to gift your loved ones.

Here, we have the ultimate Valentine’s day gift collection with some of the best gifts which you can get, and don’t worry as they all are available on Amazon. Hence can be easily accessed from anywhere you live.


Valentine’s Day Gift for Girlfriend or Wife


Girls are most excited for Valentine’s day, and you have to be your best in choosing a gift for them. Here’s what you can choose from:

  1. Engraved Necklaces

Girls love jewellery, and there is nothing sweeter than gifting one with a difference. Engraved Necklaces are one of the best things which you can order today. There are many brands which offer various customization options and you can choose names or dates in Roman numerals to be engraved.

You can also choose a message to be engraved. You can also choose the metal finish like gold plated, silver plated or having a plating of Rose gold. You can even choose the chain size. They are quite affordable too at 19-20 $ each according to your customization.



  1. Valentine’s day cards

Cards never go out of fashion, and a good Valentine’s day card paired with blooming roses can make her day extra special. Try picking a larger than palm size card with few words on it or the one with an empty page.

You can even write your messages or a small letter in them, and they will be delighted to read those.


  1. Soft Toys

Let’s face it, girls love soft toys and this not only includes Teddy bears, but various other animals too like a unicorn, dogs, or even a lion. You can also gift a teddy bear as tall as she is from Amazon.

They are available in various colours and range from 10$ to 90$.


  1. Super-fast Hair Dryers

Styling and fashion go hand in hand for girls, and a hair dryer or blower can be one of the best gifts which you can give. A superfast and handy hair dryer can reduce the time she takes to be ready and will make her hairs look stunning too.

There are many great hair dryers on Amazon. There is the posh supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer the best in the market, or you can take Babyliss Pro Nano titanium dryer which is a good overall dryer. Revlon also has interesting hair dryers.



  1. Yoga essentials

Fitness is a necessity and yoga is one of the best ways to remain fit. If you want to gift health to your girlfriend or wife.Though yoga requires very fewer gadgets or weights, there are few Yoga essential products, which you can gift to your loved one.

The most important yoga product is Smart Yoga Mats which have virtual assistant built in then for practising yoga much easily. You can also gift Yoga blocks, socks, Balance ball, a Mat bag or a fitness tracker.


  1. Digital Photo frames

Photos carry memories, and they can be one of the best Valentine’s gifts for your ex-wife or Valentine’s gift for your wife or your girlfriend.

With Google photos assistance, up to 4K picture quality, various screen sizes, these digital photo frames are perfect to gift a lifetime of memories which can sit near their bed and making them smile every single day.

On Amazon, there are many such products, especially digital frames by Momento, Meural Canvas, Skylight, Nikflix, and many more.


  1. Make-up essentials kits

Which girl or woman doesn’t like makeup? All love and there are various makeup sets and various other products which are widely available on Amazon.

Some of them are great for giving minimalist look to your loved one like the makeup kit from Glossier phase 1. You can also gift Make-up brush sets, Kohls, Revlon’s range of primers and creams, anti-ageing creams from brands like Lotus, ponds, etc.

If your girl is worried about chemicals of these kits, you can gift her herbal masks and herbal makeup removers.


  1. Handbags and Purses

No girl can say no to a good quality purse or handbag. There are many options available, and you can either gift her. For your girlfriend, a sling bag or a Clutch or a Minaudiere can be a great option.

And for your wife, a handbag is the ultimate gesture for her love of bags. You can also gift a hobo bag, or a leather tote bag or just a simple classy shoulder bag.

There are many great brands on Amazon to choose from like BOSTANTEN, Fossil, the Fix, S-zone, Caprese, Rebecca Minkoff, Loungefly or Everlane. Choose one wisely!


  1. Sunglasses

For a beach day or an outing in the mountains, sunglasses are the most perfect essentials. They will not only protect your girlfriend’s or wife’s eyes but also enhance their fashion game.

You can choose the oversized vintage styled goggles from 80s fashion, or go with the ultra-modern minimalist fashion. There are various glasses to choose from too like Polarized sunglasses, Mirrored sunglasses, UV400 glasses, anti reflectors, etc.

Try gifting her a pair of Cat-eye glasses and she will love it. You can find them easily on Amazon and they range from 10$ to 70$.


  1. Eye mask

In this 21st century era, where technology has advanced into our lives, it has worsened our sleep too. People can’t sleep that easily and if that’s the case for your girl, try gifting her an eye mask.

They are quite useful on flights where sleeping is a challenge. Though there are many, you can choose the silk ones made with fine silk which will keep them supple while they snooze. They vary from 8$ to 20$.


Valentine’s day gift for Boyfriend or Husband

Girls, even though your boyfriend or husband never say this, but they will always love a valentine’s day gift. So if you’re wondering what to get your man this valentine’s, don’t worry. Check these gift options which are listed below:


  1. Watches

Let’s face it, watch never goes out of fashion, especially the analogue ones. The current fashion asks for minimalist design and there are quite a few options with Roman numerals which look great.

Try black and gold combination and he will be drooling over it. You can also go for a retro watch or something vintage. Leather straps are back in fashion and you can check them on Amazon.

Try choosing from Timex, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Vincero Luxury, Teovet, etc. They range from 20$ to 100$ on an average. You can also buy a smartwatch which is the new trend. These come equipped with various fitness trackers and functions.

The options include Apple Watch Series 3, Amazfit Bip, Samsung Gear S3, Gramin watch, etc. They range from 70$ to 300$.


  1. A warm Overcoat

This is a bit selfish gift, which will comfort your boyfriend or husband in this chilling weather. But, this Overcoat or trench coat will also provide you a warm hug, every time you see him and he waits for you with open arms.

There are many such long woollen overcoats available on Amazon. Though black has always been a favourite, try gifting him different shades like brown, maroon, or light shades of blue.

Avoid the ones who with zipper, and go with the buttoned-down one. They vary from 40$ to 250$.


  1. Tie and Tie pin

A tie never goes out of fashion and every man knows the value of a good tie. You can gift a regular suit tie or you can gift one with embroideries. You can also pair it with a nice tie pin.

There are many tie pins on Amazon, and you can try the ones which can be customised with engravings of name initials or engravings with dates. There are some with a little different design, like of a flower, arrow, and chains. The tie varies from 9$ to 50$ and the tie pins vary at 8$ to 30$.

There are many tie-pin sets which range from 40$ to 80$ from brands like Ben Sherman, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.


  1. Perfumes

Deodorants are for teenagers, real men prefer perfumes and this can be one of those gifts which he will actually use. A good smelling man can make the best entrance.

Try perfumes of brands like Pelias, Equipage, Gucci Guilty, Le Male, Burberry’s range, Ralph Lauren Polo perfumes, etc. They range from 30$ to 100$.


  1. Beard essentials

Grooming is essential for many men and with the latest trends of beard, beard essentials can be a great gift for them. You can either gift a beard grooming kit, complete with beard oil, dual teeth combs, special scissors, organic beard and moustache wax, with different sets of beard brush and combs.

The sets vary from 18$ to 40$. Try going with herbal ones.


  1. Headphones

Every man loves a pair of headphones. With extra bass, your love will travel in the form of music through his ears straight to his heart. If your man travels a lot, try gifting him a pair of headphones with noise cancellation.

The best are Cowin E7 pro, Samsung level on, Mpow H5, Bose QuietComfort 35, Sony WH 1000 XM3, etc. For better audio quality, you can go with Audio Technica headphones.

One more suggestion is Surface headphones which are awesome in every category and have excellent noise cancellation. They all range from 60$ to 370$.


  1. Romantic Novels

If your boyfriend or husband loves reading novels, try gifting one. A romantic novel can bring the best night of Valentine’s day for you.

You can choose one of the Nicholas Sparks’ romantic Novel, the notebook, or Andre Aciman’s Call me by your Name, or Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, or Jane Austen’s Persuasion, etc. They all range from 4$ to 20$.


  1. Smartphone

You can never go wrong with a smartphone being a gift for a man. Man love new gadgets, and with so many options in the Android segment, it can be the best gift for him.

The options are great, ranging from Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S9, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 8, Nokia Sirocco, Huawei P20 lite, to Poco phone F1, etc.

The Apple section also has some new iPhones. Upgrade his smartphone this Valentine’s day and he will be surprised.


  1. E-book reader

If your husband loves reading books, gift an e-book reader to him and he will be delighted. Not only these e-book readers are easy to carry, but they can also put less strain on his eyes than his tablet or smartphone.

There are many options on Amazon, the best being Kindle. For a better option, you can go for the feature-packed BOOK Max2 E-reader, or reMarkable paper tablet, Likebook, etc. They range from 60$ to 750$ (for the Book Max 2).

  1. Classic Duffles

Duffles are great, especially for business trips. If your man is a business guy who has to travel, you can choose those leather Duffles which will give a corporate guy look.

The best are from Cenzo Brown Italian leather, Boasha’s Canvas one, Tuscany’s, Merkits, etc. For weekend sleepovers, go with some funky looking, diverse coloured Duffles especially those from United by Blue, Rawlings, Under Armour, Mizuno, Easton, etc. They range from 60$ to 200$.

Final Verdict


Valentine’s day is all about love, and whatever you choose as a gift will be loved, even a bunch of fresh roses. So, you shouldn’t worry about buying an expensive gift for your loved ones.

If you’re choosing a Valentine’s Day Gift for Ex-husband, make sure that it doesn’t say “Let’s get back together”. The same applies to Valentine’s Day Gift for Ex-wife.

One more suggestion is to wrap these gifts by own. Try to add a self-written message, and a letter can be the cherry on top of frosting.

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