How Sankashti Chaturthi Celebrated, it’s rituals and tithi


How Sankashti Chaturthi Celebrated, it’s rituals and tithi

It’s observed during each Hindu Calendar month around the Chaturthi’ (fourth day) of this Krishna Paksha (the waning period of the moon). Additionally, when Sankashti Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday, it’s famous as Angarki Chaturthi and is regarded as the most auspicious of all of the Sankashti Chaturthi days.

The parties of Sankashti Chaturthi are widespread in both the southern and northern states of India. From the event of Maharashtra, the festivities are much more complicated and grandeur. The term’sankashti’ includes a Sanskrit origin also it suggests’deliverance during tough times’ whereas’chaturthi’ signifies’fourth afternoon or the day of Lord Ganesha’. So with this propitious day, devotees worship Lord Ganesha to assist the conquer all the barriers in life and come out victorious in every challenging situation.

Sankashti Chaturthi

Rituals that are followed on Sankashti Chaturthi

1. Devotees maintain a partial or day-long quickly with this day. They and consume Only fruits, vegetables and root plants throughout the day. Peanuts, potatoes and sabudana khichdi are ready especially to indicate this day’s fasting. The day’s fasting is broken only after the Principal puja is completed

2. The principal puja of this day is completed in the day, following the moon is visible. The rituals for this particular day finish with the sighting of the moon.

3. Special candies or naivedya, such as modaks, are available to the deity through the puja. Following the katha and aarti, these candies are distributed as prasad.

4. Water, Chandan or sandalwood paste, flowers and rice are provided in the management of the moon.

5. Reciting the Vedic hymns or mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesha garners Blessings on this afternoon. Sankashtnashana sthothra and Vakrathunda Mahakaya particularly on Sankashti Chaturthi.

Significance of Sankashti Chaturthi

On the Holy day of Sankashti Chaturthi, There’s a special The passionate devotees of Lord Ganesha consider that by praying for their deity with commitment, particularly about the Angarki Chaturthi day, their needs will be fulfilled and they’ll lead a prosperous life.

Sankashti Chaturthi
Sankashti Chaturthi

Since Sankashti Chaturthi is observed every single month, in Every Month God Ganesha is worshipped with distinct Peeta (Lotus petals) and title. There is a total of 13 vrats, with every vrat with a Particular purpose And narrative, called ‘vrat Katha’. Therefore you will find 13’vrat Katha’ in total, one for each month and The previous Katha is really for’adika’ that’s the one additional month which comes Every four years at the Hindu calendar.


Sankashti Chaturthi
Sankashti Chaturthi

Moonrise on Sankashti Chaturthi: 9:52 pm

Chaturthi tithi begins: 5.08 pm on June 20

Chaturthi tithi ends: 7.08 pm on June 21

Sankashti Chaturthi puja

Sankashti Chaturthi
Sankashti Chaturthi

The puja to Get Sankashti Chaturthi in Performed in the Day after Viewing The moon. A lamp can be lit in this time period. Other standard puja rituals such as light incense and reciting the Vedic mantras can also be done. Following this, the devotees browse the’vrat Katha’ special to the month. Special candies or naivedya, such as modaks, are available to the deity through the puja. Following the Katha and aarti, these candies are distributed as prasad.

On the afternoon of Sankashti Chaturthi, unique puja rituals will also be committed to Moon or Chandra God. This entails pruning water, Chandan (sandalwood) glue, Consecrated flowers and rice in the direction of the moon.

The details of Sankashti Ganapati puja for every month are given below:
Hindu Lunar Month Lord Ganesha Names Peeta different Names
Chaitra Masa Vikata Maha Ganapati Vinayaka Peeta
Vaishaka Masa Chanakra Raja Ekadanta Ganapati Srichakra Peeta
Jeshta Masa Krishna Pingala Maha Ganapati Sri Shakti Ganapati Peeta
Ashada Masa Gajaanana Ganapati Vishnu Peeta
Shravana Masa Heramba Maha Ganapati Ganapati Peeta

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