Netflix Cookies Free every day! – April 2020 [Verified]


Netflix Cookies Free every day! – April 2020 [Verified]

Are you searching for Netflix cookies that work? Do you want to access Netflix for free? If yes, then we’ll show you how to use Netflix cookies to access Netflix movies and TV for absolutely free!

Netflix is the best online destination to watch movies and TV shows. If you are not willing to pay $9 per month for Netflix, then you can make use of Netflix cookies and get the same thing without paying a dime.

In this article, we will go through what are Netflix cookies and how to use them to bypass the Netflix login screen.

Tons of Netflix cookies are available on dozens of websites on the internet. The problem is most of them fail to work. We have found some new and working Netflix cookies that really work. You do not need to be disappointed if you are unable to pay Netflix monthly subscription fees. Netflix cookies will give you the same access with all the Netflix features. The best part is they are free.

Each Netflix cookie provides you with access to a Netflix premium account. We have provided methods to use Netflix cookies on your computer whether it’s a Mac or Windows one and we’ve also given instructions to use Netflix cookies on your mobile phones in this guide. Without waiting any further, let’s dive into Netlfix cookies.

Here are some of the working Netflix cookies we have collected. We are trying to help our visitors to get premium access to Netflix. Thus, we strive to update this page with fresh Netflix cookies every day. We suggest you bookmark this page so that you do not miss the latest cookies.

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How to Use Netflix Cookies on Windows PC or Mac?

As we have briefed in the above section, a cookie is a tiny piece of data that are sent from the website we have logged into and store in our web browser. So, if you are a Netflix user, the Netflix cookies are stored on your browser while you are watching or browsing on

Okay! What’s the benefit of Netflix cookies?

Netflix cookies help to watch all the movies and other stuff of Netflix for free. Netflix Cookies helps to manipulate the login system and help us to enjoy Netflix without entering any details. Sounds good? Let’s see the step by step instructions on using Netflix cookies on your computer.

As the cookies are a browser-based thing, the same instructions hold good for both Mac and Windows computers.

Step 1: To use cookies as per our needs we need to install an extension on the Chrome browser. This Chrome extension helps to edit the cookies and so we can copy data and paste them in order to bypass the Netflix login system.

Step 2: Download and install Cookies Editor extension on your Chrome browser. You can directly search on Google “cookies editor extension for Chrome”. There are dozens of cookies editors. You can install any one of them. We prefer Edit this Cookie extension.

Step 3: Open Go to the cookie editor extension on Chrome. You’ll see the icon of Cookie editor on the top right of Chrome. If not, go to Settings -> Extensions -> Cookie Editor (whatever extension you have downloaded) and Enable it.

Step 4: Copy the Netflix cookies which we have provided on this page and paste them in the editor. You’ll be redirected to Netflix website and you’re are already logged in.

That’s all! Netflix cookies manipulate the website and bypass the Netflix login system. With the help of Netflix cookies, you can watch any movie on Netflix without logging in. Repeat the process whenever you want to log into Netflix.

Note: Though we can use Netflix cookies on any web browser, we prefer Google Chrome and Firefox as there are many cookie editor extensions available for them.
How to Use Netflix Cookies on Android phones and iPhones?

Most of us love to watch the TV series or movies on our mobile phones. Wouldn’t it be great if you can install Netflix cookies on your phone?

Netflix cookies are not just meant for desktops or laptops. You can also use them on your mobile or tablet.

Here, the process changes a bit as you cannot install the Chrome Extension on Chrome browser on the mobile phone.

Steps to use Netflix cookies on mobile phones

Step 1: We have to install the Yandex browser as there is no way to install Cookies Editor extension on Chrome browser on your mobile phone. Download and install the Yandex browser from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Open Yandex browser. Open this link in Yandex browser. Tap on Add to Chrome button.

Step 3; Go to Menu of Yandex browser and tap on Extensions.

Step 4: You’ll see Edit this Cookie Extension there. Click on it and import the cookies which we have given here.

Step 5: Tap on the Save button.

Step 6: Open on Yandex browser. Boom! You are already logged there!

Tips for using Netflix Cookies

1. Netflix Cookies help you to login on Netflix without login details. Do not change the username or Netflix password. You cannot own the Netflix account by changing the password.

2. Do not change the language on Netflix account to anything other than English.

3. Do not update or change the Netflix account details with your Email and Phone numbers.

4. Do not log out from Netflix account as it destroys the Netflix cookies.

5. Try all the Netflix cookies on this page till you find the working one.

How to Solve Netflix Site Error?

Netflix Site Error is a common issue for people to encounter when they use Netflix cookies. There is a way to fix this Netflix Site Error. However, you have to use VPNs to solve this problem. Follow these steps to fix Netflix Site Error

Step1: Before opening directly, connect with any VPN like Express VPN or HMA etc.

Step 2: Open on Chrome.

Step 3: Copy the Netflix cookies from this page and paste it on Edit This Cookie extension.

Step 4: In 2-3 seconds you will be redirected to Netflix dashboard.

In case if the problem persists, you have to change the location on your VPN. European countries or the USA or Canada or UK works better.

Netflix Cookies FAQs

1. What’s the price of Netflix cookies?

Netflix cookies are free! They are meant for guys who cannot afford to pay Netflix every month. If you are in a position to afford the subscription fee, we highly recommend purchasing the genuine Netflix account from

2. Is using Netflix cookies safe?

Not at all. Fake cookies are distributed by spammers to spread spam and viruses. Always use Netflix cookies from reliable sources.

3. Do Netflix Cookies expire?

Yes. Netflix is too vigilant and has blocked many cookies. However, we update this page regularly with new and working Netflix cookies.

Wrapping up

Netflix cookies manipulate the Netflix system to give you access to all the premium features of Netflix. You can use them on mobile phones and computers. As like any cookie, even the Netflix cookies expire. So, you cannot just fix one cookie to access Netflix every day.

We update this page with fresh Netflix cookies every day. Let us know if you have any issues or errors while using these cookies. Netflix cookies are meant for people who cannot pay the monthly subscription fees. Please do not use them if you can buy an original Netflix account. If you have any other questions, let us know through comments.

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