20+ Funny Comics By Polish graphic designer Natalia Trykowska That Will Make You Laugh


20+ Funny Comics By Polish graphic designer Natalia Trykowska That Will Make You Laugh

Natalia Trykowska (also known as Verauko) is the perfect example of graphic designer and digital artist. She’s a very productive Developing artistic and she is regularly drawing comics as well, Natalia Trykowska has already earn 48k followers on Instagram.

I try to vary the topics as much as possible, whatever comes to my mind first gets illustrated,” Verauko told Bored Panda. ” That’s why sometimes you’ll see me drawing real-life situations, and sometimes some random imaginary mermaid problems. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to themes. The only topic I would preferably stay away from though would probably be politics since my knowledge on that matter is very limited and I’d much more prefer to draw stuff that brings people together than divide them.”

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Natalia has said that “She is lucky to have a good imagination when it comes to stuff,  but when I have to come up with a story, my mind often turns blank”.

Scroll down to check out her comics and graphic design work.






















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